Giuseppe Di Morabito was born in 1992 in a small town in Calabria, a region of Southern Italy.
The colours, textures and shapes of his region still serve as integral sources of his creativity. He grew up surrounded by important historical and architectural sites, which instilled him with a deep love for the visual traditions.

In 2013 Giuseppe carried these influences and passions into the fashion world, attending Instituto Marangoni, Milan, for a program in Fashion Design. Here he gained far more than simply the skills to construct clothes. Milan offered him the urban inspiration that Calabria lacked, allowing him to heighten his own designs into a unique hybrid of country and city, ancient and modern. For the rest time he was able to fully visualize and appreciate urban space, the aesthetics of modernity and the ‘chicness’ which Milan is known for.

Giuseppe’s talent and passion allowed him to quickly move beyond the academic sphere.

In 2014 his dream became true: the launch of his own brand Giuseppe Di Morabito.

Giuseppe di Morabito Women’s line is characterized by Made in Italy tailoring, special fabrics and sophisticated embroideries. The brand’s style plays with a sense of elegant bizarreness, the art of tailoring in different shapes and forms: the garments vary from ready-to-wear to more sophisticated ones.
The brand takes inspiration from the visual cultures and re-interprets them in a contemporary conception onto the fashion-product.
The collections target a young female public, who rejects overblown and pure classical ideals of femininity.
The brand’s clients are in search for high quality materials; they look for aesthetic values in what they are wearing.

The brand respects tradition, yet it renews and modernises it collection by collection. The artistic value of Giuseppe di Morabito’s collections lies in the in depth study and interpretation of historical and visual elements. For he believes in the union between past and present standards of beauty.

In 2015 he took part at WhoIsOnNext? Fashion talent a one of the finalist.
His partecipation is well appreciated by the press, in particular New York Times wrote: ‘guests appeared enchanted by his collection of sheer gauzy blouses and tea dresses, painstakingly stitched in swirling Renaissance florals with a powdered pastel palette’.

In 2016 he represents Italy in the womenswear category at the International Woolmark Prize. His collection/project inspired by a modern reinterpretation of Ovidio’s Metamorphosis stoke the panel of judges.

During same year he presents his SS17 Collection during Milan Fashion week officially. In the same occasion the brand presents his collaboration with the Arrivabene Sisters’ (Viola and Vera) line of friulane-shoes VIBI Venezia too.
For SS17 collection, Giuseppe creates special pieces in collaboration with SWAROVSKI.