The Fall Winter Collection 2017 designed by Giuseppe di Morabito makes tangible the relationship between the pre-Raphaelite aesthetic, the British artistic movement of the 19th century,and the stylistic trends that are drastically shifting the world of high fashion today, narrowing its distance with the street-reality.

Each piece of this collection stands as the result of a research that has lead Giuseppe to dig into an universe populated by the autumn's flowers' colors of Dante Gabriel Rossetti's portraits, by the volumes of the costumes wore by the ethereal girls portrayed in Evelyn de Morgan's artworks, and by the luxurious weaves of a neo-gothic mood.

The embroideries and jacquards' motifs emerge from the atmosphere depicted by the artistic brotherhood and the melancholia of Julian Margaret Cameron's Photographs.

The manufacturing techniques of the couture are merged with everyday materials: rouches and laces adorn tracksuits and items with a sporty appearance but hiding a romantic side, laser-embroidered leather frames bold outwears. Combinations could appear discordant nonetheless create dialogues that are intentionally reinforced by the contrast between contemporaneity and luxurious textiles, as the double-silk motifs contrasting embroidered denim. The dialogue between past and present finds a common theme: the contrast that hides on one hand and simultaneously emphasises on the other.

Art and the research of different epochs' aesthetics - as distinguished by the dreamlike and melancholic spirit typical of the pre-Raphaelite - has a common feature: the most beautiful side of tradition accompany every change.