The Spring/Summer Collection by Giuseppe di Morabito originates from an artistic “caprice”, a fantastic expression that doesn’t follow rules and criterions.

The pastel colours - stylistic leitmotiv of the brand - are contrasted by metallic strokes on jacquard fabrics. The romantic style of the brand - characterised by precious and handmade embroidered fabrics - is inserted within a contemporary context: military cottons, denim, and sequined leather convey into a dichotomy of contemporaneity and tradition. Pleated tulle, oral embroidery motifs, and various references to corsetry, together mingle with sportswear.

The influence of the “caprice” is emphasised by the combination of uncoordinated elements and shapes that mutually balance each other. Features typical of the 80s, and symbolic garments of American subcultures compose the collection: the hedonism of the Reagan years together with the Los Angeles streetwear encounter the Milanese elegance and the Italian charm of another epoch.

The word ‘bonkers’ and the quotation “The Sleep Of Reason Produces Monsters” (F.Goya, ‘Caprichos’, 1790 ca), stand out from the details of the garments while dictating the mood of the collection.

Renaissance decoration and duchesse eighteen-century sleeves are juxtaposed to elements entirely decorated with Swarovski stones, such as the gros-grain that cut the waist of the dresses.